My dear friend Kerry, who moved to Mt. Hood this winter, came back to visit the coast this week.  We spent our few days together getting outside as much as possible, enjoying the early spring sunshine, catching up on each others lives, and laughing a lot.  

We headed out Highway 6 and climbed Kings Mountain, a new hike for both of us.  It was snowy, steep, and the view was astonishing.  I have often found that hiking with friends is where I work out a lot of things in my life and this was no different.  We talked and walked and talked some more, catching up, discussing, laughing and slipping on the snowy trail on the way down.

We also made it out for an early morning surf session, the sun just peaking over the trees and sparkling on the water, hardly anyone out, tiny glassy waves; it doesn’t get any better than that.

I often can’t believe my luck when I look around at all of the amazing people in my life.  This is one of those friendships that leaves me feeling supported, encouraged, and excited about my path in the world.  Getting outside into beautiful places is also an endless source of inspiration and renewal for me.

Here are a few photos of our adventures.  Enjoy!