The boy (who will henceforth be known as The Photographer) and I are all packed up and ready to head out on a grand California road trip tomorrow.  This will be the longest vacation I’ve taken since I moved back to the Oregon Coast and I am so ecstatic to hit the road and wander without a schedule or anywhere we have to be.

We have the van packed to the gills with outdoor gear, bikes, fishing poles, camera shtuff, food, maps and art supplies.  We’re planning on making frequent stops to create images, hike, eat, surf, paint, bike, and generally take in new places and experiences.

I am so excited to fish from jetties, bask in the sunshine, say hello to the redwoods, wear a fancy summer dress in the city, and reconnect with friends and family.  I also tend to find a lot of inspiration when I’m traveling so I’m hoping to come home with some new ideas and creations.

Expect more updates and photos from the road.

Bon voyage!