Greetings faithful readers.  It’s your (sometimes-not-so-faithful) blogger here.   I have returned triumphant, relaxed, and a bit more freckled from our grand California adventure.  Okay, to be honest I’ve actually been home for a little while now.

I know, I’m sorry, I should have said hello sooner.  But, as usual, life has continued to be full and beautiful and endlessly non-stop-busy.  That time of year has arrived where balance becomes a hard thing to find.  As soon as the rains cease here on the soggy coast and that big sun starts making regular appearances it seems like there are never enough hours in the day for all of the things I want to do:  outdoor adventures, time with friends, warm evening dinner parties, family time, and of course work (of both the day job and the self-employed variety).

I am also in the (very exciting) process of transferring over to newer, better technology!  I recently acquired a new fancy pants camera which I adore and I am learning how to use a Mac and Lightroom.  Hence I have yet to get a great system dialed for processing, editing, and sharing photos.  Don’t worry though, soon enough you’ll be hearing from me all the time.

Now, on to the exciting stuff!  Our trip was all I could have wanted and more.  It was full of beautiful places, visits with friends, good food, sunshine and lots and lots of photo-making.  Here are just a few of the words that came to mind as I looked back through my 1,023 photos today (now you see why it took me so long to get to this!).

Marinas, BOATS, docks, salmon, surfing, health food stores, fresh fruit, dream houses, split cedar fences, windy roads, dive bars, art, bikes, old friends, amazing views, quiet coves, eucalyptus, meals cooked on the side of the road, sunny coffee shop mornings, inspiring small towns, abalone, nasturtiums, OYSTERS, white wine, music with the windows down and sun streaming in and cows on green hillsides above a placid blue-green sea.

Included are some photos from the first leg of our trip, between Manzanita and Arcata, CA.  I’ll be posting more in installments very soon. Really, I swear.