For the last stop on our road trip we spent a few days with my dear friend Kate in Weed, CA near Mt. Shasta.  Kate and I met when I lived in Arcata, CA a few years ago and immediately became fast friends.  We were set up through a Craigslist landlord who we had spoken to separately while searching for housing.  We were both looking for roommates and she thought we would get along.  So, although she didn’t usually do this, she gave out our numbers.  I distinctly remember walking into the red house that Kate lived in at the time and immediately hugging and bursting into laughter.  It was “Flove” (friend love) at first sight.

When I talk about Kate the word I most frequently use is magical.  Kate is one of those beautiful, inspiring, strong people who makes every-day activities feel like adventures and those around her want to be better, truer versions of themselves.  In the few years since we left Arcata we’ve kept up a wonderful pen pal correspondence full of long letters, art, music and poetry.

In those intervening years we have also both been searching for and working towards our dreams.  Kate is a farmer, a grower of green things and a lover of plants.  She has interned on numerous farms since I’ve known her, working long hard days in the sun planting, harvesting and seed saving in Northern California, India, and most recently for a year in Nova Scotia.

Now Kate has moved back to the landscape of Northern California where her family, community and heart resides.  She has started her own small CSA called Homeward Bounty and is working to, in her words, “grow food and seeds to share with the community I love.”

Taking all of the knowledge she has learned over the years she is setting out to create her own dream where all of the successes (and failures) will be hers and hers alone.  It is a courageous and inspiring thing to do and I am so proud of my friend.  I look forward to watching her farm grow and I am hoping to travel to see her again this summer and taste some of the fruits of her labor.

Until then I am sending you lots of Flove and green growing thoughts Kate!