You know how sometimes when it rains it pours?  That if you have a little bit of something pretty soon you’ll have a lot more of the same, all at once?  Well these days the universe has been raining big changes in my life.  Things are shifting, moving, happening; exciting, wonderful things that make me want to jump up and down and holler happily.

The Photographer and I have recently decided to co-habitate and I couldn’t be more excited about this move and everything that it brings!  Consequentially a lot of my time lately has been taken up by the process of moving; purging closets and overflowing drawers, lugging boxes to and fro, rearranging and organizing.

There is (almost) nothing I love more than nesting and making spaces.  Our new home is a lovely little 13-sided, dome-shaped cocoon of a dwelling and I am so excited to make it into an amazing, warm, inspiring little world in which to create and live.

I have also had a lot of exciting developments in the world of Roots & Wings Jewelry this summer!  I am currently in the process of filling some larger wholesale orders for new shops who will be carrying my work, preparing for a photo shoot, maintaining my Etsy shop, and thinking deeply about the prospect of quitting my day job sometime in the foreseeable future (just to name a few things).

While all of this is the dream I have been working towards-to make a living and a successful business doing something I love-I sometimes have a hard time believing it’s actually becoming a reality.  My plate is immensely full and overflowing, a state that is usually followed closely by feelings of stress and worry.  This time around though, perhaps because I am so excited about it all, I have been able to (on most days) keep those emotions at bay and focus on my giddy joy and enthusiasm for the everything to come.

I look forward to sharing more with you very soon, and until then I hope you’re enjoying all of the deliciousness that summer brings with her.  I’ll leave you with some of the literal summer deliciousness in my kitchen today-homemade fermented dill pickles!  Yum!