Last weekend The Photographer and I went to see one of our favorite bands, The Head and the Heart, with my folks in Portland.  Since discovering them a few years back, Seattle-based The Head and the Heart have been one of the bands whose music most consistently inspires and moves me.  It is heartfelt, genuine, beautiful, and nostalgic.  It speaks to feelings of belonging, of being rooted and uprooted, and of all of the different ways we can create family and home.

The show was at the Portland Zoo, which has an amazing Summer Concert Series in their lovely grassy amphitheater.  It is the best of Portland-attractive young families with their picnics, trendy gay couples, children everywhere,  the occasional odd-looking folk, and blankets and bottles of wine everywhere.
We brought our own amazing picnic that Mama Bear had created-grilled chicken, curried rice salad and a green salad all from the garden, as well as a bottle of white wine and chocolate espresso cookies.  It was, as you’re probably imagining, amazing.

All around it was a lovely warm summer evening, full of inspiring, uplifting music, good food, and family.  Here’s a lovely video of The Head and the Heart playing in Doe Bay, WA.  Enjoy!