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My days have been busy and full of simple joys lately.  A blustery walk alone on the beach, foam skittering across the sand and seagulls hurtling overhead in the wind.  Cooking and eating simple wholesome meals.  And countless hours making jewelry, packaging up orders and writing thank you notes.  I have been super busy creating gifts for the holidays, and I am excited about the ways that my business continues to grow.

Working at home all day (alone for the moment while The Photographer is on a trip for work) I have had more time to grow and foster my appreciation for the small beauties in my daily life.  Light is something that I have always paid attention to; the way it shifts and changes throughout the day, the different qualities of light depending on the season, the shadows and shapes it creates.  This afternoon the sun came out between rain showers and the light streaming into my house was particularly beautiful…I was inspired by this post to snap a few photos and share them with you.  Enjoy!